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Made from a polymer that replicates the attributes of crystal, Perrulli’s ground-breaking product forever changed the way wine is served in settings where breakable glass is prohibited or simply not feasible. Gone are the days of sampling premium wines from Styrofoam cups and toasting newlyweds with plastic stemware. Govino changed the game and brought the concept of chic, shatterproof drinkware to the great outdoors as well as to indoor venues that were never before possible. Govino is unbreakable, reusable and recyclable, making it ideal for settings like vineyards, pools, boats, concert and sports venues, airplanes, and outdoor dining areas of resorts and restaurants. Its patented thumb-notch not only provides a secure, ergonomic grip, but allows for easy holding and swirling, and is a distinctive design element that is instantly recognizable. Govino’ s ultra-thin, sleek silhouettes far outpace those of any other unbreakable beverage ware option. In addition, the flexible, food-safe, BPA-free polymer from which the products are made showcases a wine’s colour and projects its aromatics in much the same way as crystal

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